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PPP Loan Application Process | Round Two

The CARES Act Team at Riverview Bank has been working diligently to help our customers during this challenging pandemic. If you believe you qualify for either a SBA PPP First Draw or Second Draw Loan, and wish to apply with Riverview Bank, please contact any Riverview community office or member of our commercial lending team to determine your eligibility. Additionally, we have at a SBA PPP Borrower Application Checklist. This contains a comprehensive list of supporting documents that will be required as part of your submission. If you plan to submit an application, please review the application checklist and assemble the documents in preparation for the application submission process.

SBA PPP Borrower Application Checklist [PDF]

To determine if you are eligible, you can review the First Draw Interim Final Rule here (see page 13 for eligibility) and the Second Draw Interim Final Rule here (see page 20 for eligibility). As a reminder, a key eligibility requirement for a SBA PPP Second Draw Loan, is that borrowers must have experienced (and demonstrate) a revenue reduction of 25% or greater in 2020 as compared to the same period in 2019.

Please note, due to the anticipated overwhelming demand for the new round of PPP funds to be administered through the SBA, Riverview Bank will not be accepting or processing applications from borrowers who previously applied through Liberty SBF, or from applicants that are outside of our primary market areas within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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